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Regelmäßige Versorgung mit wertvollen Leads und Kunden

Lead generation

  • Regular supply of valuable leads

  • Phone

  • Online

  • Social media

  • Research

Sales support

  • Lead generation package
  • Initial meetings

  • Follow-up appointments

  • Lead nurturing

  • Developing the customer journey

  • Customer contact management

  • CRM support

Commission agreement

  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • On a commission basis
  • Available only for selected customers

Team / Competence Network

Our DNA is a combination of extroverted personalities who enjoy personal communication and technicians who repeatedly give us a head start with digital tools

Competence network

Team / Competence Network

Our DNA is a combination of extroverted personalities who enjoy personal communication and technicians who repeatedly give us a head start with digital tools

Our competence network covers the following functions:

Project management
Dialogue marketing
Brand positioning
Online Marketing
Software architecture
Social Media Marketing

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    B2B lead generation
    Cold calling
    Dialogue marketing
    New customer acquisition
    Sales development
    Online marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    The core elements of a sales campaign
    1. Research
    1. Research

    Calling everyone from A to Z makes no sense in our opinion. We research intensively for the right companies and contact persons, so that calling and digital reaching ou is target-oriented and effective. This gives you more valuable appointments and a higher conversion rate.

    2. Contacting
    2. Contacting

    When reaching out to your prospect clients, we make sure to present your company and service in a competent and target-oriented manner and listen carefully to questions and experiences they have. That way we deepen our understanding of customers and the market and you will be best prepared for your appointments.

    3. KPI Analysis
    3. KPI Analysis

    With the help of our Calling Cockpit (link) we analyze the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) relevant to you and can thus make data-based decisions as to which target groups can be reached with what effort, so that you can optimize your ROI with targeted measures.

    4. Salesplay
    4. Salesplay

    Based on customer discussions and our key figures, we adapt the lead generation process and your sales measures. A continuous improvement of your sales competence and processes is ensured.

    Our clients

    We have clients in these sectors:
    ERP systems
    Meta data
    HR agencies
    Marketing agencies

    Wir, die AKR Bergmann e.K., sind ein mittelständisches Unternehmen im Bereich der Kanaltechnik. Wir sind also Handwerker. Als solche haben wir uns branchenunüblich auf die Suche nach Unterstützung im Bereich Neukundenakquise gemacht und sind auf LeadInn (...) Werlessen

    Melissa Bernschein, AKR Bergmann e.K.

    LeadInn ist ein großartiger Partner, innovativ, zuverlässig und immer ansprechbar.

    Uwe Neubauer

    LeadInn played a central role in our go to market strategy for ERP implementation and digital transformation services in Germany. From lead generation to adjusting the sales process and finally to the customer acquisition, Christoph Koczewski with LeadInn proposed and (...) Werlessen

    Michal Tekiela, CEO, Anegis SA

    LeadInn hat uns bei der Neukundengewinnung und beim Business Development  im europäischen Raum hervorragend unterstützt. Der Aufbau einer fruchtbaren Geschäftsbeziehung zu TV-Operatoren und Presseagenturen gelang ihm sehr gut, daher können wir LeadInn wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

    Miłosz Cechnicki, CEO, AG


    New tools that can support lead generation are becoming available on the web at ever shorter intervals. We try them out and integrate those that offer real added value for our customers.The ability to familiarize ourselves quickly gives us competitive advantages from which you benefit.

    We are particularly proud of our Calling Cockpit, a software solution specially developed for the needs of LeadInn. The Calling Cockpit supports the telephone agent in cold calling: verification of the contact person and telephone number; status adjustments of the lead; calling up last notes; planning the next step and quickly switching to the next lead. A software that is really fun to work with.

    The Calling Cockpit enables us to create evaluations of the availability of contact persons and conversion rates in selected target groups. This allows us to compare online and telephone lead generation measures and make well-founded decisions.

    With this “technology stack” we are particularly efficient and can provide you with key figures from all campaigns that increase your planning security. The success of your business scaling essentially depends on whether you can estimate the costs at which you acquire new customers. LeadInn is the right partner for this.